Dr. Oz Adderall Show and Natural Alternatives to Adderall

March 23rd, 2012

Dr. Oz Adderall Show


Dr. Oz had a show that highlighted the dangers of adderall, part 3 of a 3 part series on Adderall. Dr. Taylor, a woman who is an expert on ADD, noted that if you feel as if you are disorganized, you are feel you are  being driven by a motor, and have other symptoms then go in for a checkup with your doctor. The show  focused on ADD and adderall,  the diagnosis itself , and Dr Oz had a  ADD checklist.  Another expert on the show emphasized the need to try to avoid  medications for ADD,  and to look toward natural alternatives to adderall, and natural adderall replacements. Natural alternatives to adderall were discussed at length by the panel. The Dr. Oz show also highlighted that women are turning to adderall to lose weight as well as help with energy and focus. The doctor noted that many women complain of weight gain, feeling tired, can’t keep up wih the kids, and not being motivated.  Continuing on the subject of women and adderall, Dr. Oz gave a simple checklist for women and presumably men to see if they potentially have the disorder. Here is a summary of Dr. Oz’s Add checklist, asking the question, “how do your really know if you have ADD?


Dr. Oz. ADD Checklist


How often do have trouble with details?


Do you miss appointments?


How often do you get distracted when people are talking?


How often do you start a project and never complete it?


The experts speaking  with Dr. Oz on the show had suggestions for natural alternatives for ADD and natural remedies for adderall.  “Less medication, more motivation.”  was the advice of one woman.   Exercise was emphasized, even as little as 10 minutes a day, which increase Dopamine in our  brain. Dopamine was further discussed, and another expert on the panel noted that diet is important, with protein intake being essential, and healthy eating is important for the natural treatment of ADD.


The dangers and problems with Adderall have been discussed extensively in this three part series, and this episode, fortunately, focused on natural alternatives to adderall and as well as ADD treatments that go beyond medication. Dr. Oz did a great job highlighting the adderall problems in our country,  alternative ADD treatments, and natural solutions for attention deficit disorder. Dr. Oz also focused on women using adderall for weight loss, and noted that this has become a problem. Those seeking natural based alternatives should reveiw the show.



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